Forging Sustainable Transport Connectivity: Enhancing EU-Central Asia Transportation Through the Trans-Caspian Corridor

The EU-Central Asia Investors Forum 2024 is the latest significant development in the EU’s commitment to improve connectivity in Central Asia. Most notably this includes the development of competitive intermodal transport, logistics networks, and to encourage sustainable development initiatives throughout the region. Bringing together high-level leaders and stakeholders from the EU, Central Asian states, the Caucasus, Türkiye, and other international partners, the Forum served as a platform to discuss future prospects for investment and collaboration in various connectivity sectors including digital, energy, and transports. These future investments and collaborations aim to pave the path for innovative methods and strategic partnerships.

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s 22nd Annual Summit: A Timely Reminder of the Importance of Central Asia’s Role in Geopolitics

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) held its 22nd annual summit on 15-16 September 2022 in Uzbekistan’s historical city of Samarkand. The summit gathered its member’s leaders in person for the first time since 2019. In light of the current global political and economic uncertainties, the gathering attracted worldwide attention while hitting the international headlines.

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Reforming the EU’s GSP+ Scheme – An Analysis into Uzbekistan’s Admission

The EU’s GSP+ Scheme aims to alleviate poverty in beneficiary countries by providing them the opportunity to strengthen and diversify their exports. Despite the benefits, the nature of the scheme’s conditions have raised questions on its ability to deliver its key intentions. Using Uzbekistan as a case study, this Op-ed will assess and analyse the EU’s GSP+ scheme and question who indeed benefits from the scheme, and the manner in which the EU identifies and addresses the issues of poor corporate practices resulting.

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