Japan and the European Chips Act

Japan is investing heavily to become a major producer of high-end electronic components, while the EU is looking to secure resilient supply chains. This might be the perfect opportunity for the EU and Japan to strengthen their ties and form a closer bond, truly realizing their respective and joint potential.

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Eyes on the Taiwan Strait: Affirming EU-Taiwan Trade Relations Through a Security Lens

In an ever-changing geopolitical climate, trade relations between the EU and Taiwan are being viewed through a microscope. Rising tensions between China and the United States have increasingly made security across the Taiwan Strait a top priority for EU lawmakers, which has become evident in the EU’s 2021 Indo-Pacific Strategy and its implementation. Taiwan is a vital economic trade partner for the EU and by assessing the history, trends, and current status of the trade relationship between the two partners, the EU can do better to economically engage with Taiwan in the future. Remaining a partner in East Asia in promoting shared values such as “democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law”, Taiwan and the EU are looking for channels to affirm their trade relationship in an increasingly delicate geopolitical climate.

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