Forging Partnerships for the Future: Exploring EU-Japan Dialogue on Education, Culture and Youth 

The third EU-Japan dialogue on Education, Culture and Sports held in Tokyo on 3 April 2024 follows the previous meetings held in Budapest in 2018 and by videoconference in 2021 during the pandemic. It demonstrates a continued commitment to cooperation and addressing challenges in the EU-Japan partnership. In response to the issues posed by the pandemic, the dialogues have particularly explored innovative strategies for higher education, including digital education and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). These digital transformations offer promising avenues for the strengthening of sports diplomacy, fostering collaboration and deepening cultural exchanges.

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Opportunities for Japan in the EU

Japan is looking abroad, also to the EU. But can Europe deliver? If Japan chooses to seize the opportunity, Europe can be a fertile ground for Japan’s home-grown strategies. The EU has long looked to expand its reach to the East, thereby even breaking with its multilateral ideals when trading with new partners. The extended reach of EU-Japan cooperation signals the willingness of both parties to create a stronger bond, and an opportunity for Japan to get closer to gain stronger security guarantees, closer relationships with external partners and more expansive trade.

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INDIALOGUE Festival 21-24 November 2023

INDIALOGUE is a biennial festival in Ghent and Leuven that focuses on dialogue and exchange with the Indian art world. With this multidisciplinary 4-day festival, organisers Maghenta and India House Leuven aim for a stimulating and innovative exchange between contemporary and (more) traditional performing arts. Besides programming high-quality work, it aims to be a creative hub for less dominant artistic expressions through new collaborations, artistic blends and unexpected encounters.

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