Junior Researcher

Laszlo de Bellescize

Laszlo de Bellescize is a Master’s student in International Security at Sciences Po Paris. He grew up and has lived in both Hong-Kong and China, which has spurred his interest in international affairs concerning Asia. During his Bachelor’s degree in Political Humanities he spent two years in Dijon and another in Warsaw on an exchange year. The subject of Sino-American rivalries and Europe’s place within international relations has been a recurring theme of his studies.

Previous to becoming a European Institute for Asian Studies Junior Researcher, Laszlo de Bellescize gained experience through the online publishing of articles on contemporary international relations, touching on a variety of subjects ranging from China, Cross-Strait relations, to European defense. At the European Institute for Asian Studies his research focuses on the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific, how Europe can strengthen its position within Asia and become one of the region’s principal actors.