EIAS Participation in the online event on “Migration in Central Asia and its implication for Europe”

On Wednesday, 24 April 2024 EIAS Director Lin Goethals moderated the Online Event on “Migration in Central Asia and its implication for Europe”, organised by the Hanns Seidel Foundation. In view of the growing importance of the relationship between the EU and Central Asia, the Year Book on Migration in Central Asia 2022-2023 was presented by Tatiana Zlobina, Coordinator of the projects on human rights and migration at the TianShan Policy Center of the American University of Central Asia (TSPC AUCA) in Bishkek. Julian Plottka, Researcher at the Universities of Bonn and Passau, spoke about cooperation between the EU and Central Asia. The event was opened by Dr Thomas LEEB, Director of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Brussels and closed by Dr Max Georg MEIER, Head of Projects in Central Asia, Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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Expert Roundtable Discussion on Mongolia-EU Climate Change Cooperation

On Monday, 5 February 2024, EIAS organised an Expert Roundtable Discusion on Mongolia-EU Climate Change Cooperation, gathering a small group of experts on the subject. The discussion addressed potential EU-Mongolia collaborations in the areas of climate change, migration, tourism and healthcare as climate change is intimately connected with increases in migratory populations, tourism and pressure on healthcare infrastructures.

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