Forging Partnerships for the Future: Exploring EU-Japan Dialogue on Education, Culture and Youth 

The third EU-Japan dialogue on Education, Culture and Sports held in Tokyo on 3 April 2024 follows the previous meetings held in Budapest in 2018 and by videoconference in 2021 during the pandemic. It demonstrates a continued commitment to cooperation and addressing challenges in the EU-Japan partnership. In response to the issues posed by the pandemic, the dialogues have particularly explored innovative strategies for higher education, including digital education and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). These digital transformations offer promising avenues for the strengthening of sports diplomacy, fostering collaboration and deepening cultural exchanges.

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Japan and the European Chips Act

Japan is investing heavily to become a major producer of high-end electronic components, while the EU is looking to secure resilient supply chains. This might be the perfect opportunity for the EU and Japan to strengthen their ties and form a closer bond, truly realizing their respective and joint potential.

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The German Automotive FDI in China: EVs, Innovation and Competitiveness

German carmakers Volkswagen (VW), BMW and Mercedes-Benz are increasing their presence and Foreign Direct Investments in China, which is showing new investment patterns. The Chinese Electrical Vehicle (EV) expertise and technology, together with the country’s large market, could help the European automotive industry to retain global competitiveness and further its electrification process. In this context, the EU should place the European automotive industry’s interests at the centre of its green transition. Apart from the growing political scepticism and potential competition, economic collaboration with Chinese companies and the need for a broader understanding of the Chinese market as well as related strategies will become increasingly important in the long term.

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