The EU-Korea Digital Partnership: Advancing cooperation in the cyber world

In November 2022, the European Union (EU) and the Republic of Korea (ROK/ Korea) set in motion their Digital Partnership. The initiative was largely anticipated by both partners and finally came to fruition after years of negotiation. The partnership sets a commonly accepted framework which aims “to collectively respond to the implications of emerging technologies on people, industry and society, and to develop and advance technologies, policies, and research cooperation”. How will the EU-Korea Digital Partnership be implemented and how will it address the ambitions it has put forward?

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Mobilising the EU-South Korea Digital Partnership – Moving Towards Gender Equality

South Korea and the European Union (EU) are ‘like-minded partners’ who have strengthened their relationship over the past decade. Ranking as one of the lowest OECD countries regarding Gender Equality, the ROK has room for growth. The Gender Pay Gap and Online violence toward women are highly prevalent in South Korea. The upcoming digital partnership with the EU should consider this. This EIAS Policy Brief will analyse South Korea’s approach to gender equality while comparing it with the situation in the EU and identifying avenues for joint action and cooperation.

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