Paving a Path for EU Engagement and PPPs for Food Security and Safety in Asia (March 2015)

Considerable progress has recently been achieved with regards to food security in Asia; however, Asia is still the continent where most people live in a state of food insecurity. The Global Food Crisis of 2007-2008 was a critical juncture that shocked the international community and put the spotlight on the food safety and security challenges. Faced with environmental, social and economic trends that will continue to place pressure on water and land resources, it is widely acknowledged by all stakeholders, whether in Asia or the European Union, that innovative solutions are required in order to address food (in) security. Innovations include technological and scientific advancements as well as novel agricultural practices, but also innovations in policy-making at every level of governance in the public and private sphere in order to ensure that these innovative solutions reach small stakeholders and those pro-poor solutions are found.Public-private-partnerships (PPPs) are gaining ground against the background of rising global interest in Corporate Social Responsibility, and are seen as promising to accelerate agribusiness investments, to mobilize producer communities and to enhance transfers of technology and innovation.