Making e-Health Work in the EU: A Policy Perspective

European policymakers have rightly recognized the potential of e-Health applications. The EU has brought forward key initiatives supporting the standardization, transfer and protection of data, with regards to healthcare and beyond. European policymakers should prioritize the rollout of an efficient and well-functioning 5G network and support the work of European companies in standard-setting bodies. Efforts to cooperate with and learn from other nations, especially countries in East Asia facing similar health challenges, should be encouraged at the institutional and corporate level as well as in the framework of economic cooperation agreements.

The next generation of wireless connectivity enables multiple major innovations in imaging, diagnostics, data analytics, treatment and management of healthcare. It is crucial to ensure the effective rollout of high speed 5G technology and add it to the existing healthcare architecture as this would greatly improve access, quality, reach of care, and health management, all while significantly decreasing costs. It is clear that the benefits and transformative power of 5G in the health sector are enormous and that the deployment of 5G infrastructure in the health sector is imperative to reap its benefits.

Authors: Stefan Munk, Junior Researcher & Barbara T.S. Sénécaut, Junior Researcher, EIAS  


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