Japan’s Foreign Policy Under PM Kishida: The Same as Before, Yet Different?

Assessing Japan's October 2021 general elections from a Foreign Policy Persepctive and how it will affect EU-Japan Relations

On 31 October 2021, Japan’s general elections resulted in the victory of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politician Fumio Kishida. Even though he belongs to the same political party as Japan’s previous Prime Ministers (PMs) Abe and Suga, Kishida’s more moderate stances suggest substantial change is ahead for the party and nation. How will the more dovish Kishida alter Japan’s foreign policy? And what would these changes imply for the EU? By analysing the LDP’s and Kishida’s profile as well as policy proposals, a greater understanding of possible changes can be gained.

This EIAS policy brief will first assess the post-election situation in the Japanese parliament, as well as why the Japanese people voted for the LDP, before moving on to a discussion of Japan’s foreign policy under Kishida. In addition, Japan’s economic and security relations with the EU and the Japan-EU Green Alliance will be covered, with concluding remarks on how this change in government will affect Japan-EU relations.

Authors: Federica Cidale and Bernat Pavon, EIAS Junior Researchers

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons