ASEAN-ROK Relations and NSP 2.0: A Bright Future Ahead?

November 2020


Under the broad banner of the New Southern Policy (NSP), ASEAN and its member states are accorded unprecedented prominence and priority in South Korea’s foreign policy. The NSP has allowed for an expansion in scope and depth of ASEAN-ROK relations and, under the three pillars of peace, prosperity, and people, meaningful steps have been taken to upgrade the strategic partnership.

Following the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit in November 2019, South Korea prepares to unveil the New Southern Policy 2.0 – the ambitious update which will be implemented in 2021. In order to grasp the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, the strengths and weaknesses of the existing NSP should be assessed. To realise the goal of a mutually beneficial and future-oriented community, a few issues need to be tackled, particularly regarding the absence of a clear and defined strategic imperative.


Author: Bárbara Teixeira de Sousa Sénécaut, EIAS Junior Researcher


Photo Credits: ASEAN Secretariat