Contribution of EIAS Director Lin Goethals to the ESSCA Workshop “Business as Unusual: New Approaches to EU-China Relations”

On 26-27 September 2022 the ESSCA School of Management EU*Asia Institute organised a Workshop "Business as Unusual: New Approaches to EU-China Relations" at the ESSCA Campus in Angers and online. A variety of experts on EU-China from both Europe and China participated in the workshop. EIAS Director Lin Goethals gave a presentation on "A post-pandemic re-assessment of EU-China Relations".

From the US-China Trade War to the “16+1” of BRI, from COVID-19 to the CAI suspension, and from the war in UKraine to China’s lockdown, a series of drastic events constitute a historic trend pushing EU-China Relations into a zone of uncertainty. Business will be no longer as usual. The happy party of “globalization” and “the world is flat” is over for sure, the world order is heading towards new scenarios. Objective and ideology-neutral research, and strategic analysis rather than moral criticism on the realities of China and EU-China relations are more needed than ever in these turbulent times.

This was the first exploratory workshop of the NextEU-China Relations Focus Team. As a research group within the EU*Asia Institute, the “NextEU-ChinaRelations” Focus Team aims to analyze, forecast, and suggest “next steps” in EU-China relations in a variety of fields.

More information can be found on the ESSCA EU*Asia Institute Website