EIAS Talk with Jacob Gunter of the EUCCC on Current Developments in EU-China Investment and Trade Relations

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This EIAS Talk with Jacob Gunter, Senior Policy and Communications Manager at the Beijing office of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), discusses EU-China Investment and Trade Relations, the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, Decoupling, the impact of the pandemic, global supply chains and how the EU can protect its market, trade and investment interests in China.

Highlights of the Talk


  1. How does the EUCCC perceive current EU-China trade and investment relations? (01:37)
  2. The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI):
    • How will it help EU-China relations mature? What are the challenges? (03:59)
    • What other aspects of the CAI negotiations would EU stakeholders have preferred to see included or developed more? (06:48)
    • What could persuade EU Member States and stakeholders to ratify the CAI? (09:21)
    • How can the CAI help reduce the EU’s negative trade balance with China? (12:29)
  3. How does the EUCCC harmonise different EU Member States’ interests and project a “single European voice” in the Chinese market? (14:51)
  4. Based on the EUCCC Report “Decoupling: severed ties and patchwork globalisation” published in January 2021, in which sector of EU-China trade is decoupling more prominent? (16:40)
  5. The Tech war: How can EU authorities and companies increase dialogue with China to harmonize online standards? (18:20)
  6. Which European industries is China investing in less/decoupling from? (19:36)
  7. Global supply chains: How have EU companies based in China suffered the supply disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? How can these be corrected? (21:22)
  8. Which sectors in China are the safest for European companies to invest in? (25:33)
  9. What was the impact of Brexit on EU-China trade and investment? (28:30)
  10. How can the EU secure its trade and investment interests as China becomes a more prominent global market player? (30:52)