EIAS Talk with David Camroux: EU-ASEAN Cooperation – A Partnership in Progress

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This EIAS Talk with David Camroux discusses the recent upgrade of EU-ASEAN relations to a strategic partnership; ASEAN centrality and its role in the Indo-Pacific, region-to-region cooperation in view of environmental affairs and the digital agenda, as well as the situation in Myanmar’s and its implications for ASEAN. 


David Camroux is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Center for International Studies (CERI), Sciences Po, Paris, and a Professorial Fellow at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He is a Member of the EIAS Advisory Board, the co-editor of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, and the author of numerous articles on Southeast Asian politics and history, the international relations of Asia and the Pacific and EU-Asia relations.


Content of the Talk:

  1. The recent upgrade of the EU-ASEAN dialogue to a strategic partnership [00:25]
  2. How can ASEAN overcome its “ASEAN way” challenge and unlock its full potential in the future? How can cooperation with the EU be instrumental in achieving this? [02:20]
  3. EU-ASEAN trade relations and the negotiations regarding Free Trade Agreements [05:40]
  4. ASEAN centrality as a “default option”. [08:50]  
  5. Convergence and engagement between the EU and ASEAN in the Indo-Pacific [15:40]
  6. ASEAN’s sustainable transition [18:05]
  7. How can ASEAN jump on the digital wagon and promote a digital economy, also supporting SMEs? [20:40]
  8. Myanmar and ASEAN [22:30]
  9. The future of EU-ASEAN cooperation and main priorities [27:30] 

Talk by Lin Goethals, EIAS Director and Viviana Demonte, EIAS Junior Researcher