Associate Researcher

Victor De Decker

Victor De Decker holds a Msc in International Relations, which he studied for at the University of Ghent. Victor spent an Erasmus year at the Albert-Lüdwigs Universität in Freiburg (Germany) where he gained a deeper understanding of the foreign policy of the European Union and conflicts in Southeast Asia. Throughout his studies Victor always looked deeper into the connection between geopolitics and political economy. This way Victor developed a keen interest in issues concerning Asia and Euro-Asian relations. His Master’s thesis was titled ‘The Geoeconomics Behind the Belt and Road Initiative – How the BRI is shaping a new geoeconomic order’, putting into perspective the economic means that are used to achieve China’s geopolitical objectives.
During his time at EIAS Victor would like to deepen his knowledge concerning Asian economic development and the geopolitical questions facing the Eurasian continent.