Junior Researcher

Tanja Krawietz

Tanja Krawietz is a bachelors student in Political Science and Economics at Heidelberg University. Alongside her studies she has been working as a student research assistant at the Leibniz-Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). She has interned at the Seoul Office of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom in the Republic of Korea where she started learning Korean, became familiar with the dynamic and unique political situation of the Korean peninsula, as well as the geopolitical and strategic challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region. In 2021, she interned at the European Dialogue Programme of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom in Brussels.

During her studies, her main areas of interest have been in International Relations, especially in the fields of sanctions, security policy and human rights cooperation. In her M.A. thesis she combined her interests in the Asia Pacific region and the European Union by analysing the EU sanctions against Myanmar.