Junior Researcher

Shasha Pogon

Shasha Pogon is a graduate student in International Relations at Syracuse University in New York, with a concentration in US-China relations. She earned her B.A in English Language and Literature from Yibin University in Sichuan province, China in 2017. 

She has worked for several years in international trade, particularly dealing with US-Asia and US-China trade. She has been an active participant of cultural exchange programs between the US and China, within which she taught Mandarin Chinese for two years in New York. Prior to moving to the US, she worked as an English Chinese interpreter and translator in Sri Lanka in 2017. She also studied at Konkuk University in South Korea as an exchange student in 2015. 

Her interest in US-China relations began at Yibin University when her Peace Corps Volunteering teacher inspired her by promoting US-China understanding among Chinese students and encouraged her to seek higher education in the US. Shasha Pogon’s passion is to strengthen understanding and dialogue between the EU, the US and China in different areas, particularly in trade areas where the three giants can mutually benefit; as well as how the complex geopolitical relations have been impacting the dynamics for the rest of the world. 

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shasha-pogon-881725b7/