Associate Researcher

Sara Bertucci

After completing a BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of La Sapienza in Rome with a major in Mandarin, Sara Bertucci recently graduated in East Asian Relations from the University of Edinburgh. During her bachelor’s degree, she became familiar with both China’s cultural traditions and the broader Northeast Asian context. As part of her bachelor’s programme, she spent three months at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) consolidating her language skills and gaining extensive knowledge of the region.

During her master’s degree in East Asian Relations at the University of Edinburgh, she deepened her knowledge and understanding of contemporary East Asia, choosing China and Southeast Asia as well as South-South cooperation and Global Health as main areas of interest. She devoted particular attention to understanding the potential implications for Europe and the Global North deriving from the growing engagement of Asian powers in developing partnerships with other countries from the Global South to address non-traditional security issues, such as environmental and health-related concerns. This brought her to write her thesis on China’s support to the development of Sierra Leone’s healthcare system, contributing to a deeper understanding of the diplomatic significance of China’s health-related development assistance to African countries.

Her research focuses on the growing importance of health in international relations, the centrality of development cooperation and health development in China-ASEAN relations, as well as existing trends in the region and the potential benefits and challenges related to the EU approach to ASEAN’s health-related needs.