Junior Researcher

Federica Cidale

Federica Cidale is currently a master’s student in East Asian Studies and International Relations at the University of Groningen. She holds a BA in Cultural Mediation with a focus on Linguistics from the University for Foreigners in Siena. During her undergraduate studies, she undertook a 6-month exchange at J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan. After graduation, she conducted an internship in a kindergarten in Osaka, improving her level of Japanese and obtaining the JLPT N2 certificate.

Her research interests are focused on East and Southeast Asia, and in particular on Japanese politics, Japan’s relationship with South Korea, Myanmar, EU-ASEAN and Cross-Strait relations. Moreover, for her master thesis she is currently conducting research on the role of the Internet and how it is changing the analysis of International Relations by challenging the state-centric perspective typical of the discipline. 

As a Junior Researcher at EIAS, she will be conducting research on the post-2021 coup situation in Myanmar, East Asian politics, and Japan in particular, shedding light on the role of non-state actors in International Relations.