Junior Researcher

Dominika Remžová

Dominika Remžová is a Master’s student of Taiwan Studies at SOAS, University of London, where she focuses on Taiwan’s domestic politics and external relations. She majors in political systems and economies of Northeast Asia, researching topics such as electoral systems, party politics and social movements in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. She is currently completing her dissertation on transitional justice legislation in Slovakia and Taiwan, analysing the contextual factors behind the lack of retributive justice in both countries.

Dominika Remžová holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies from the University of Manchester. She completed a year abroad at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, with her undergraduate dissertation assessing the role of Taiwan’s Austronesians in national identity construction.

Her research interests include cross-strait, US-China-Taiwan and Taiwan-ASEAN relations, as well as China’s economic statecraft, with a special reference to the 17+1 framework and its geo-economic implications for the EU. During her time at EIAS, she will also focus on South and Southeast Asia, and especially the role of ASEAN in the regional integration of East Asia.