Junior Researcher

Bernat Kenji Pavon

Bernat Kenji recently completed his master’s degree on “China and Globalisation” at King’s College London, where he studied the causes and consequences of China’s rise from comparative and global perspectives. His MA dissertation explored the strategic differences between Chinese and Taiwan’s diplomatic use of civil society with a focus on LGBTQ+ NGOs and NPOs.

His interest in the intricate history of Asia-West relations originates from his time as an exchange student at the Singapore Management University, where he studied the interplay of political and economic factors in the development of post-colonial Asian nation-states. In particular, how Western-influenced identities based on nationality, religion, ethnicity, class, and gender have shaped and defined present-day Asia.

At EIAS, his research as a Junior Researcher includes the relation between Chinese and EU FDI trends and policies, as well as the recent developments in China’s climate mitigation policies. Overall he is eager to deepen his expertise on EU-China relations.