Junior Researcher

Alessandra Tamponi

Alessandra Tamponi is currently enrolled in a M.A. Program for International Relations and East Asian Studies at the University of Groningen, where her research mainly focuses on Northeast Asia. She holds a bachelor degree in Political Science and International Studies from the University of Florence “Cesare Alfieri”. In 2016 she completed an exchange semester at the Konkuk University in Seoul, during which she also had the chance to volunteer briefly for the NGO PSCORE as an English teacher for North Korean defectors. Her time in South Korea provided her with a more comprehensive view of the challenges the two Koreas and Northeast Asia are facing. Her interest for South Korea and China, developed during a year-long exchange in Harbin with the NGO AFS before embarking on her studies, served as inspiration for her Bachelor thesis on China and South Korea trade and diplomatic relations.
Her main research interests are focused on Northeast Asian Regionalism and Environmental Cooperation, Digitalisation and thematics connected to Ethnic groups. During her time as an EIAS Junior Researcher she is also keen to further advance her knowledge and understanding of the Central Asian region.