Junior Researcher

Abigail Soryal

Abigail Soryal’s research is fueled by a passion for peace and international cooperation towards creating thriving societies. Driven by a belief that cooperation requires a multifaceted perspective, she has spent time around the world studying international relations and has acquired extensive experience in East Asia, North America, and Eastern Europe. Abigail Soryal is currently pursuing a dual degree in Global Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and in Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Innovation at Waseda University, Tokyo, with a concentration on world politics, global economy and peace-building.

Abigail Soryal’s research focuses on East Asian countries and their role in world politics, including on topics such as public diplomacy, people-to-people ties, Korean economic globalization, and Chinese perspectives on foreign policy. Throughout her research, she discusses international relations from a multidisciplinary perspective, seeking to provide an understanding of the local contexts from which foreign policy emerges. At EIAS, Abigail Soryal will bring together her hands-on experience in East Asia and fuel it with a European perspective.