Theme: Culture and Social Policy




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Culture and Social Policy
15/05/2013 Bridging the EU-Asia Media Gap
08/04/2013 Film: My mother’s rhapsody (Qiu JiongJiong)
25/03/2013 Film: Self-Portrait with three Women (Zhang Mengqi)
21/02/2013 Poverty alleviation in rural India
19/06/2012 Social Insurance and Active Ageing: Taiwan's Experience of Labour Insurance
24/05/2012 Social Justice and Health Care: Taiwan's Experience
07/03/2012 Implementing Social Standards in EU-Asia Trade Relations: Practice and Case Studies
27/02/2012 Afghanistan: Culture and Bullets - Soft and Hard Responses
08/02/2012 Afghanistan and Pakistan: How Women can make the difference
26/10/2011 Civil Society in China, Actual Debates: The Virtual World of China - Internet and Society
07/07/2011 Reformation, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka
21/06/2011 Moving Towards a Social Model - The Promotion of Labour Rights in Taiwan and its Potential Impact on Chinese Society
25/02/2011 Art Sparks
10/02/2011 China's Rise: A 4000 Year Turning Point?
09/12/2010 EIAS Briefing Seminar on Social and Economic Developments in China. A Wave of Social Unrest?
19/02/2009 Lunch Briefing; "Taiwan Culture, Policy and the New Government"
14/06/2007 Conference: Unrest in China’s countryside: A ticking time bomb?
19/09/2006 Luncheon Briefing: EU - India: Pluralism and Diversity
13/03/2006 Presentation: From Hanoi to Helsinki: Review of the Asia-Europe Peoples Forum - Strenghtening the Social Aspects in the ASEM Process
07/03/2006 Visiting Delegation from Pakistan
11/12/2003 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Islam in South East Asia