Theme: Democracy and Human Rights




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Democracy and Human Rights
02/07/2015 Human Rights in North Korea: Voices from the Peninsula
10/03/2015 Women's Rights in South Asia: Progress and Obstacles
18/03/2014 Ensuring a Durable Peace in Sri Lanka: A Conversation with Hon. (Prof.) Tissa Vitarana
19/02/2014 Quo Vadis Afghanistan? The EU's engagement from a gender perspective
31/01/2014 Women and Media in Southeast Asia
13/11/2013 Upcoming Elections in Nepal: The Rule of Law for a Peaceful and Democratic Process
11/06/2013 Briefing on EU-China Cooperation in the field of Human Rights and Democracy
10/05/2012 North Korean Refugee issues: Responses from the EU
14/06/2011 The China-US Dialogue on Human Rights
07/06/2011 The Democratisation Process in Nepal and the Role of Civil Society in this Context
04/10/2010 Panel Discussion: The Emerging Role of Civil Society in Burma (Myanmar)
12/07/2010 Voices from Civil Society Actors in Burma: Challenges and Opportunities facing the different sectors in 2010
13/10/2009 EIAS Roundtable Dialogue: The Aftermath of the General Election in Japan - Prospects for the Future
29/09/2008 Lunch Briefing: "Should we trade democracy for economic growth? Taiwan's experience vs. the Beijing Consensus".
10/04/2008 Expert Roundtable on Myanmar (Burma): Moving Towards Democracy
10/03/2008 Transitional Justice and Human Rights in Cambodia - From Communist utopia to genocide
12/02/2008 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Taiwan's recent Parliamentary Elections and their Implications for Cross-Strait Relations
10/05/2006 Luncheon Briefing: Local Democracy in India and China: Opportunities and Challenges
01/12/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: The 2005 Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka - The Observer’s Assessment
17/03/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Indonesia - Human Rights in Aceh in the Post-Tsunami context
02/03/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Democracy & Governance in Nepal
25/01/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: International Criminal Justice in Asia: From the Tokyo Trials to the ICC
21/10/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: The Promotion of Human Rights in EU External Relations
28/09/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Democracy and the Rule of Law in Bangladesh
28/05/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: The Return of Congress! - India’s 2004 Elections and Beyond
06/05/2004 Special Briefing: Islam and Democracy: Indonesia's 2004 Elections and Beyond
15/04/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: 2004 Elections in Indonesia
16/01/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: 2004 Presidential Elections in Taiwan - Why the referendum?
25/11/2003 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Democracy And Decentralisation In India: Local Government In Madhya Pradesh
17/11/2003 Asia-Europe Consultative Seminar with Civil Society