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Events by Theme

27/01/2015 East Asia's Security Architecture: The Evolving View from Japan
25/11/2014 Who Owns the South China Sea? The Struggle for Power in Asia
30/09/2014 International Conference on Maritime Security in East Asia
25/06/2014 South Korea-EU Security Cooperation: Problems and Prospects
21/06/2013 Maritime Piracy and Robbery in Asia
19/06/2013 Security dynamics in East Asia: An emerging arms race?
14/12/2011 North and South Korea: Sunshine Returns?
12/12/2011 The 8th Conference of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific - Observations and Remarks
01/12/2011 South Asian cooperation in Afghanistan after 2014: Shifting from military to civilian power?
25/05/2011 Europe's Position towards Dynamics of Security in Asia - Arms Race versus Arms Embargo?
01/03/2011 Maritime Security in the Straits of Malacca
26/01/2011 The ASEAN Regional Forum: Security Challenges of Climate Change
07/12/2010 Global Conference on Preventive Action
29/11/2010 The Indian Ocean: Strategic Arena for the 21st Century
17/11/2010 EIAS Briefing Seminar: Asia’s Maritime Dilemma: The South and East China Seas
10/09/2010 EIAS event: 2010 Asia Pacific Security Forum
10/06/2010 EIAS Roundtable discussion: Sri Lanka in the Post Conflict Situation
11/12/2008 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: "Resource War in Asia? The China-Japan Energy Dispute in the East China Sea"
23/01/2008 Round Table on Afghanistan
22/01/2008 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: North Korea - Another crisis looming?
17/12/2007 EIAS Briefing seminar: North Korea: A looming crisis?
23/05/2007 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Japan's New Diplomatic Horizon? "Arc of Freedom and Prosperity" and Implications for Japan-EU Security Relations
26/04/2007 BCECC-EIAS Joint Book Review Seminar: La Chine - USA: la guerre aura-t-elle lieu? by Guy Spitaels
31/01/2007 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Recent Developments on the Korean Peninsula: A Japanese
03/10/2006 Luncheon Briefing: East Timor - Recent Political Developments
11/09/2006 Luncheon Briefing: Global Terrorism and Security
26/06/2006 Conference: EU-Asia Relations: Cooperation on Regional Security and Integration
20/06/2006 Luncheon Briefing: Under the Surface of the Six-Party Talks: Findings from Government Interviews
01/06/2006 Luncheon Briefing: Conflict Resolution in Sri Lanka: Forging a Multiparty Stakeholder Dialogue on Peace Building
20/04/2006 Luncheon Briefing: China’s Japan problem: Are We Headed for Confrontation?
03/03/2006 Seminar: Developing European Security Perspectives on China
12/01/2006 Special Briefing: The Future of Japan-Europe Relations and their impact on the Security Environment in East Asia
04/12/2005 Security in the Pacific Region - Regional and Global Implications
29/11/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: The EU’s Role in the Aceh Peace Process Monitoring
10/06/2005 EU-China Relations and the EU's Arms Embargo
19/05/2005 EU-NIAS Research Project: Changing Regional Security Structure? The EU's Opportunities to play a Role in Asian Security Politics
28/04/2005 Special Briefing: Kashmir - What Role for the EU?
21/04/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: From Bullets to Ballots & Beyond: Building Post-Conflict Democracies in Asia & Europe
06/04/2005 Special Briefing: Lifting the Arms Embargo on China: A Shift in EU Priorities?
23/11/2004 Taiwan-China Cross-Straits Relations: Outlook for Regional Security in East Asia
06/06/2004 Conference: Connecting Civil Societies
28/04/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: EU-China Security Relations
02/04/2004 The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organisation and North Korea"
18/03/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: India's National Security under the BJP-NDA Governments: "Strong at Home, Engaged Abroad"
12/03/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Kashmir: What prospects for a lasting settlement?
25/02/2004 EIAS Research Agenda Presentation: Troop deployment to Iraq: Is Japan really changing the fundamentals of its defence and security policy?
21/02/2004 EIAS Research Agenda Presentation: The National Democratic Alliance and National Security
06/11/2003 Regional Security and the Fight Against Terrorism: A View from Pakistan
03/10/2003 Uzbekistan's Perspective on Regional Integration and Security
18/06/2003 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Sri Lanka: A new chance for peace?