Theme: International Cooperation and Development




Events by Theme

International Cooperation and Development
30/06/2015 Post-Disaster Aid to Nepal: From Need to Response
18/06/2015 Making Interregionalism Work: Improving EU-ASEAN Cooperation in Trade, Finance, Development and Climate Change
12/05/2015 Reporting the Movement of Peoples: Perspectives from Europe and Asia
17/03/2015 Food Security, Food Safety and Nutrition in Asia: What Role for Europe?
28/05/2013 Japan and the EU: Development Aid Partners
26/04/2013 Leadership Change in the Republic of Korea
24/04/2013 Leadership Change in Japan: Back to the Future?
07/03/2013 The state of Sino-African relations
27/11/2012 Anchoring EU-Asia Relations in Challenging Times
27/06/2012 EU-US Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region
21/06/2012 The EU in Asia: Perceptions, Expectations and Engagements
20/06/2012 The Brussels Space Policy Round Table - The Ups and Downs of Euro-China Space Cooperation
19/04/2012 The European Union and Indonesia: Problems and Prospects for a Global Partnership
17/04/2012 EU-Asia Cooperation in a Globalised World
07/03/2012 The EU-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Agreement
27/02/2012 EIAS Book Launch: European Perspectives on Taiwan
19/12/2011 28th Taiwan-European Conference - EU's development and contemporary Greater China
08/12/2011 Conference on the Rise of Asia - A Perspective from Eastern Europe
15/09/2011 Cross-Strait Relations: Past and Prospects
12/07/2011 EU-ASEAN Relations in the New Economic International Order
13/04/2011 The Aftermath of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan - Repercussions for EU-Japan Relations
12/04/2011 North Korea and the EU - The Way Ahead
02/02/2011 Japan-China Relations: Implications of the Rise of China for Japan’s Foreign Policy
29/10/2010 EIAS Briefing Seminar: Mongolia and the EU: Where do we go from here?
07/10/2010 EIAS Briefing Seminar: ECFA: The Current Status of Cross-Strait Relations and Future Prospects
30/06/2010 EU-Korea Briefing Seminar
21/06/2010 EIAS Lunch Briefing: The 16th SAARC Summit
10/05/2010 International Conference: 11th World Korean Forum
18/12/2009 Visiting Delegation from the ASEAN Secretariat
03/12/2009 Roundtable discussion: "Perspectives for reinforcing EU-Asia relations: the ASEM experience"
09/07/2009 EIAS Book Launch: Smoke and Mirrors: An Experience of China
12/06/2009 Conference: EU-China summit: making a fresh start?
09/06/2009 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: "India between the EU, the SCO and BRIC"
19/03/2009 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: "India's Foreign Policy since the end of the Cold War"
27/11/2008 Conference: "European Perspectives of Taiwan"
10/07/2008 Workshop - EU-Asia Relations: A Policy Review
01/07/2008 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Perspectives on North Korea
18/12/2007 Conference: Informal European Parliament Dialogue on China
11/12/2007 ECAN Europe China Academic Network Annual Meeting
14/11/2007 EIAS Briefing seminar: China's Foreign Policy: Challenges and Opportunities
23/01/2007 International Workshop on Global Governance
01/12/2006 Conference: International Conference on The EU’s Relations with Taiwan and China
22/11/2006 Lecture: The Impact of Soft Power on the EU's Relations with East Asia
26/10/2006 Luncheon Briefing: Outlook and Perspectives for Taiwan
17/10/2006 Conference: Development Strategies in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for European Businesses”
23/09/2006 Workshop: China and the EU: the Building of a Strategic Partnership
22/09/2006 Conference: Prospects For China-EU-US Cooperation on Strategic & Global Issues
14/09/2006 Special Briefing: EU-Asia Relations: Perspectives of Political and Security Policy in a Global Context
07/09/2006 Conference: ASEM@10: Connecting Civil Societies of Asia and Europe
03/09/2006 Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum 6