Theme: Economics, Trade and Investment




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Economics, Trade and Investment
06/03/2015 Regional Integration in East Asia: Perspectives from Japan
05/03/2015 Building Maritime Connectivity: China's Maritime Silk Road and Indonesia's Maritime Axis
15/10/2014 China Goes West: The Impact of Chinese FDI in Europe
15/02/2014 EU-Indonesia Trade and Investment Relations: Vitalizing the Economic Partnership
22/01/2014 Impacts of the EU-India FTA on Human and Social Rights
05/12/2013 The EU-China Investment Agreement: Projections, expectations and hurdles
09/10/2013 Economic and Monetary Integration: Comparing Asian and European Experiences
26/09/2013 The EU and China: Agricultural Trade Relations
19/09/2013 The FTA triangle: The EU-Japan FTA in view of the TPP and TTIP - EVENT POSTPONED
18/09/2013 Asian LDCs: Prospects for Regional Integration through Trade
19/12/2012 Trade Dynamics in the Asia-Pacific - Where is the EU?
20/09/2012 Thailand's export opportunities: A decision support model approach
08/03/2012 EU-Japan Business Seminar: Future Visions of EU-Japan Partnerships for Economic Growth
31/01/2012 The Future of EU-Japan Relations: The ICT Dimension
14/12/2011 The Renminbi on the Internationalisation Trail
30/11/2011 The Impact of the EU-Korea FTA on the EU's Trade Relations in the Region
11/10/2011 25 Years of Economic Reform in Vietnam
21/09/2011 The Growing Interest of China in Latin America: A Concern for the EU?
07/09/2011 Sustainable Development through Micro-Finance: The Case of Bangladesh
28/06/2011 Protection of Enterprises and Investors Abroad
17/06/2011 Doing Business with East Asia - A Stumbling Symbiosis?
20/04/2011 Japan's Economic and Trade Relations - Prospects for an EU-Japan EIA
01/04/2011 EU-Japan Business Forum: Now or Never? A new Stage for EU-Japan Economic Relations
22/03/2011 The Role of the EU and China in the ACP Countries: Strategic Access to Raw Materials
08/03/2011 Sri Lanka's Economic Resurgence and Future Prospects
21/02/2011 Putting Indonesia on Your Strategic Map: Investment Opportunities in Southeast Asia's most Promising Star Performer
26/10/2010 EIAS Briefing Seminar: EU-Japan "Free Trade Agreement": Dead and Buried or Alive and Well?
08/06/2010 Lunch Briefing: Relocation of Productive Capacity and the Built-in Conflict between Producers and Importers in the Home Countries
04/02/2010 Conference on "Regionalism and Reform of the Global Monetary and Financial System - What Role for Europe and Asia"
10/12/2009 EIAS Policy Dialogue: The EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement
24/09/2009 International Conference: Workshop on Trade and Development
06/04/2009 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: "Political Economy of Caste in India"
04/03/2008 Third Informal European Parliamentary Dialogue on China - EU-China trade tensions in today's economic downturn
31/01/2008 Workshop on "Labour Issues related to the EU's Free Trade Agreements with Asian Countries (ASEAN, India and the Republic of Korea): ITUC Proposal to the Commission"
11/12/2007 Roundtable Discussion on EU-China Business Meeting
10/12/2007 EU-Thailand FTA Workshop: “The EU-Thailand FTA: Perspectives of European Business”
18/10/2007 Conference: Rural development and trade as key factors for development cooperation in India
21/05/2007 EIAS - EICC Seminar: An expanding Indian economy and the challenges to Social Entrepreneurship
19/12/2006 Luncheon Briefing: China and the Dutch Economy
15/11/2006 Luncheon Briefing: The Taiwanese Economy and Cross-Strait Business
09/06/2006 Conference: EU Enlargement and Global Political Economy
10/05/2006 Presentation: China Business Congress 2006
05/04/2006 Luncheon Briefing: Japanese Trade Policy: Towards Economic Partnership?
16/03/2006 Amartya Sen Lecture Series: Sustainable Development, Climate Change and International Action
07/11/2005 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Chinese Economic Development and its Global Impact
05/10/2005 Conference: Shaping Change, Strategies of Development and Transformation
28/09/2005 EBS London Jean Monnet Memorial Lecture
16/11/2004 EIAS Luncheon Briefing: Relocating Productive Capacities to China? or Elsewhere?
01/09/2004 The Fourth Asian International Forum
04/02/2004 EIAS Research Agenda Presentation: An EU-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: Sharing Benefits of Globalisation?