Ongoing Projects


Natural Disaster Resilience and Response Research Series

From the local and global response to the Nepal Earthquakes to a regionally integrated response mechanism, this series takes a close look at how cooperation can save countless lives in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Research Reports and Events

EIAS is hosting a number of events on the topic, and will publish multiple reports on certain aspects of emergency response and cooperation.

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Some of Our Past Projects


Taiwan’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) into the European Union and its Member States (December 2014)

This study comprising of a quantitative and qualitative part focuses on Taiwanese Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) in the European Union (EU). Through a macro-view the project sheds light on the Taiwanese economic presence in the EU through its OFDI. This is done with the intention to encourage the strengthening of already significant investment relations between the European Union and Taiwan.

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Potential of Clean Coal Technology in India: an SME perspective (September 2013)

The most important output of our collaboration with EBTC is this report on "Potential of Clean Coal Technology in India: An SME Perspective". This study explores potential business opportunities in the Indian coal based power value chain for European Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) that specialize in clean coal technology (CCT). The report attempts to elucidate a general overview of the Indian coal based power value chain and its three pillars: coal mining, coal logistics and coal power plants. There is significant scope for the reduction of environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emission in each of the three. The study also provides a brief overview of both EU and Indian CCT-related and environmental legislation, and reveals the range of existing CCT expertise and technology in Europe offered especially by SME's. The draft report was presented in the 7th EU-India Clean Coal working group meeting in Brussels, and valuable feedback from both Indian and European CCT experts were incorporated into the study.

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